9th French Singapour Art Award

SMILE Serie with « Amada, Pablo and Roger »

For it is above all individuals who define the exchanges between cultural groups of a society while preserving the diversity of each. 

From this common denominator that is the individual, I chose to use a human skull. 

Certainly there is a reference to the time that passes with death, but it allows to be both neutral and transfigure what the individual leaves as a trace of his actions / his attitude. 

This notion of death is counterbalanced by the use of a childish game namely a disguise called photo-booth. I have voluntarily chosen to use the notion of smile that is both specific to each but does not require translation. 

To accentuate the notion of interculturality I lingered to choose from different countries, and in provocative nod I adapted a smile of zebra because beyond the human animals also communicate via their smiles, humans occasionally singing animals and vice versa. 

The cultural differences are erased by the use of black and white, allowing to focus on the essential to know the attitude towards others, dictated or spontaneous attitude. 

Finally, the choice of format makes it possible, when one brings the photos together, closer to each other, to obtain a balanced overall picture, because the culturalism holds its existence between the harmony which forms only one and the individuality of each one. not taking over another.

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